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Stop bugs and insects electronic pest repellers  
¿Por qué los repelentes de plagas
Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT, SG y Pest Repeller Ultimate II®
son los productos líderes en la industria para el control electrónico de plagas?


"Thank you so much for helping me order more Guardians.  They are extremely effective in protecting against the Bambi population that would like to use my garden for their personal 24-hour Buffet.  While my two-year-old grandson was visiting I turned off the Guardian that was protecting my tomatoes and peppers (the sound and light frightened him). In the excitement of the visit I forgot to turn the alarm back on. The next morning I found deer nipped branches on the tomatoes and the tops of the peppers. The alarm is back on 24 hours a day and no more carnage has ensued.  We have just re-landscaped a 30 m bed along our west property line and need to use the next two Guardians to protect the rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and dogwoods. Great Product!"

Jane D. - Zanesville, Ohio

I have been using the electromagnetic pest control product for a number of years. Not only is the electromagnetic pest control safe and sanitary, it is effective.  Anyone who has a fear of rodents or they are expecting or have small children in the home, this is an absolute must.  This device really drives away any existing pest from your home and keeps them away from any areas protected by what my family refers to as the anti-mouse armed guard.  The inventor of the electromagnetic pest control is a genius.

From the results that my family and I continue to experience, there are no other pest control methods that work as effectively as this device.  It is much better that having a cat.  Every home and every business should have at least one of these devices. 

Carlotta M. - NY

It has been a pleasure buying from Good Life even though I returned my purchase. Sometimes Customer Service is more important than the purchase itself. The prompt crediting of my card surprised me to the point that I needed to thank Good Life for excellent service. My card was credited within 4 days after receipt of my return. I would buy again from Good Life.

Jack G. - Meridian ID

Thank you for the great customer service and reliable product.  We received our shipment right on time and you were more than helpful.

Becki P.

"We were plagued with small black sugar ants, coming up from the bathroom floor in the center of the house.  Sprays were not effective because, short of ripping up the molding around the flooring, we could not find any points of entry.  The little devils were all over the bathroom; in the medicine cabinet, drawers, and bathtub.  It was maddening.   We plugged in an Ultimate AT, and within 24 hours, the ants were gone!  They just vanished!  No ants anywhere in the house now.  The cats and the dog are not bothered by the repeller, and we did not have to use poisonous sprays.  We are very pleased!" 

Nancy P. - Oregon

"These devices are a Godsend! We actually noticed a difference within the first 24 hours! My one cat had matts of fur that I could not even get a scissors around to cut out. After a weeks or so, I noticed that there was a large space between the skin and the fur matt. Those were "no seeums". I couldn't believe what I saw and felt.

We still have not had a 100% success with the cats and the carpet, but are working on it. There is no doubt these devices are working. We will never live anywhere again without these devices. They will always be in our home!!!!!!"

Marsha E. - Illinois


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